CG Alec

❤ Tey ❤

Besitzerin: Milena Sitkiewicz/Polen.

Größe: 41,5 cm / Gewicht: 10,5kg

Hobby: Tricks, Agility …

Ausbildung: Agility Klasse 2 medium

Beschreibung von Milena über Tey, danke!😘

Tey is a difficult dog, but very amazing and I`m total in love with my Goblin. He is very sensitive, clever, lovely and cheerful. He has a big drive, lot of energy and he loves to run. If he feels comfortably, he likes every kind of work (we train agility, but for example he love also frisbee, obedience exercises and tricks), but he is sometimes chaotic, so he needs clear rules and a lot of self-control. He likes people, but he is too energetic and unceartain and I must control his emotions. He likes to play with known dogs, with foreign he is too nervous. On walks he always stay close to me, he love to hug (every time is good for a hug :P), the best place to sleep is near me or on my head. He loves balls, tugging and of course food. We had problems with work in distractions but now he plays with big involvement. He (almost) never barks while playing or working, but in home he notife about coming guests. I`m very happy with my pyrshep and I think Tey is lucky also! ❤

Videos & Fotos

Tey 19 Monate:

Tey 19 Monate:

Tee 6,5 Monate:

Tey 4,5 Monate:

Tey 3 Monate:


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